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Cancellation of the October 18, 2022 meeting - Letter to the mayor

Mr Mayor, We have taken note of the video announcing the cancellation of the information meeting concerning the Cocréa project, broadcast on social networks on Friday October 14, 2022.

You mentioned there, and I quote you: "the confrontational attitude adopted by the opponents" as well as "attacking the integrity of the Municipality by questioning administrative decisions and by the divergence of opinions on regulations not does not promote harmony within our community.” The partnership between the Municipality and APLA has made it possible to face many challenges over time. Thanks to this mutual collaboration, several responsible actions have been taken to preserve Lake Achigan.

The APLA has adopted the same attitude of discussion with the Municipality in this matter during multiple meetings and has always demonstrated great transparency in its approach.  We tried to explain our point of view, namely the non-compliance with zoning and the commercial nature of the activities proposed in the Cocréa project. Also, we asked you for a legal opinion from your legal advisors based on the regulations in force when the certificate of authorization was issued. The Municipality has clearly expressed its intention to move forward with this project, and as a result, we have taken steps to assert our point of view.  In a democratic and rights-based society, it happens that the parties do not agree on a subject. Mechanisms exist to resolve these disputes.

We are very disappointed that you consider these steps to be a confrontational attitude and an attack on the integrity of the Municipality and that you publicly question the credibility of the APLA. Thank you for your attention, Yvan Gingras, President of the APLA De: À: Cc:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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