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Deforestation, aquatic plants and gratuity

Updated: Jun 28

Here are the three main elements discussed at the last meeting of the APLA directors held on March 27 at the Roger-Cabana Center.

  1. In a 51-page report, environmentalist Patrick Émond has linked deforestation around the lake and increased aquatic weeds. 70% of Lake Achigan's water comes from forests and wetlands. The effect of deforestation is the increase of mud in the lake and the decrease of oxygen in the water. We must ensure that new construction in the town of Saint-Hippolyte respects the deforestation ratio.

  2. The aquatic plant inventory of the lake has been completed. A training session will be offered to residents so they can learn about harmful and useful plants.

  3. The APLA membership will remain free of charge. Voluntary contributions and donations are accepted.

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