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November 5th 2017 Municipal Election

Updated: Jun 28

Dear members, The Association for the Protection of Lake Achigan is a nonprofit organization that is apolitical. As such, the Association has always maintained strict neutrality during the municipal elections, with an exception in 1985 when someone wanted to change the zoning of Camp Bruchési. Even today, your Association wishes to maintain this neutrality. Thus, at each election, the Association has submitted to different candidates a list of concerns with demands for commitments on topics that are likely to protect the environment of Lake Achigan and the well-being of its residents. You can find the answers here (French only): Team Laroche answers Team Rousseau answers This year, the questions asked of both teams running for election have focused on the maintenance and improvement of what has been accomplished in recent years and not what had been omitted or refused by previous administrations. But the facts are the facts and we can see that. Analysis of responses to questions In summary, the answers given by each of the two teams (Laroche and Rousseau) are favorable to the requests made by the Association. This is a recognition of the value and importance of what has been done in recent years with the collaboration of the municipality. However, it seems important to put these commitments into historical context. Camp Bruchési: For over two decades the future of Camp Bruchési has been in question. Administrators are not hiding their intention to dispose of the land by trying to effect a zoning change. At the 2009 election, only the Laroche team took a position and committed to maintaining the zoning. Following its election, the Laroche team has taken concrete steps by recording a reserve of law and has so far resisted any zoning change request. Today, the Rousseau team is making firm commitments to actions that should have been taken in 2009. We can see that. Lake access, regulations and boating safety: In the early 90s, a first regulation on access to the lake and the requirement of a vignette was adopted. However, we must clarify that all administrations until 2009, have failed or refused to implement the necessary measures to enforce this regulation dating from 1990. They all also omitted or refused the establishment of an effective municipal lake patrol. It is only since the 2009 elections that the tedious task of reviewing and fully implementing the regulations has been underway. Today we can say that we agree to maintain what has been achieved in recent years. Yet these measures were claimed by previous administrations without concrete results. If the past is any indication of the future, the past may also be precursor of the future. Environment: The protection of the environmental quality of Lake Achigan is at the heart of the Association's concerns and its purpose. The association has always been at the forefront, has been the standard bearer of several causes and served as a model for many other associations. Yet the demands of the Association have not always been well received by administrations prior to 2009. It is pointless to list what has been previously refused. It is sufficient to look at what has been accomplished in recent years, in a spirit of cooperation for the welfare of the community: - Inspection of all septic installations. - Support for the periodic emptying of septic tanks and payment via property tax accounts. - Study of runoff and plans for its control. - Study of invasive alien plants and intervention plan. - Control of interventions in the riparian zone. - Etc ... The past being an indication of the future, in light of the facts and answers of both teams, we hope to have provided here a fair clarification. Because only the citizens can decide on the choice of the team that can most effectively continue the work being undertaken. Johanne Gauthier

President Association for the Protection of Lake l'Achigan

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