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Annual general meeting 2019

The Association for the Protection of Lake Achigan wishes to notify its members as well as people wishing to become members that the annual general meeting will be held: Date : Saturday, June 19th, 2019 Hour: Registrations 9:00am

Beginning of the meeting  9:30am Place : Centre des Loisirs et de la vie communautaire

2060 Chemin des Hauteurs Saint Hippolyte This meeting will be an opportunity for the board of directors to report on its main actions and achievements of the year as well as to present the current issues in relation to the organization's mission. It is also an opportunity to ask your questions and tell the board your priorities for the coming year. This will include:

  1. Aquatic plants: means of action to counter Eurasian milfoil.

  2. Runoff water: informative video capsule, deforestation and pruning, CARA mandate.

  3. Monitoring of areas designated for surfing and wakeboarding, and the use of filled ballasts .

  4. Good conduct contract. The meeting agenda and the composition of the council are presented on the back. A $100 gift certificate to Familiprix will be drawn at random. Your presence in large numbers rewards the effort of the volunteers who work hard throughout the year and represents a guarantee of your commitment to the quality of the environment of Lake Achigan as well as the quality of life from which we all benefit. Please schedule this time in your calendar, Johanne Gauthier President Our sponsors: Door price100$: Familiprix Extra - Mathieu Sabourin ''No- paper registration'' price: Prestige Marine et Mécanique

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