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Annual general meeting 2017

Updated: Jun 28

Notice to all our members (and non-members), on Saturday, June 17 at 9:00 am will be held the APLA's annual general meeting. The event is held at Camp Bruchési, 50, 365th Avenue, Saint-Hippolyte-De-Kilkenny, Quebec, J8A 2Y6. If you are a waterfront resident on Lac de l'Achigan, a lake boater or a citizen of Saint-Hippolyte, here's why it is important to attend this meeting. 1. Presentation of a study on the degradation of the lake: growth of aquatic plants and erosion. 2. Briefing on the code of ethics when navigating on the lake. Looking forward to have open discussion with every citizen that cares about the environnement around Lake Achigan.

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